Leveraging industry relationships and providing expert sales coaching

Business Development Strategy

We live the mantra “Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan.” It all starts with a vision and a business strategy you can feel passionate about.

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Leverage Industry Knowledge and Relationships

It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. Customize your client experience and differentiate your company.

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Sales Process Coaching and Training

We provide proven techniques and tools to support your business team. Develop the high performance sales team for company your business needs.

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Creating Possibilities by Catalyzing Your Innovative Ideas

MPS understands the need to stretch business boundaries to new and emerging areas. We take your company’s growth wish lists and turn them into clear market directions. It may be a new business model, channel, or partnership. We are operationally nimble and can pivot to meet any unforeseen market changes. The finish line is your revenue growth through committed client relationships. Think of MPS as your “success architects.”


Business Development Strategy

We will work with your company to create a business roadmap that is effective, measurable, and results-driven. We help maximize profitability by identifying the best insertion points for your product and services. You can expect:

  • Sales and marketing strategies.
  • The business plan reality dose – but adding some stretch!
  • A “go-to-market” roadmap.

Leveraging Industry Knowledge and Relationships

The team at MPS has developed strong contacts in a number of industries and market segments. Our ability to translate scientific and technical customer requirements into actionable development programs is a sought-after skill. You can expect:

  • Highly competent business acumen.
  • A network of contacts that understand your industry.
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Sales Process Coaching and Training

Our coaching is based on recognizing the client’s intent and understanding their needs. We don’t skip to being prescriptive and giving answers; we start by understanding your business, your target markets, and what you want to accomplish. You can expect:

  • Thoughtful leadership on successful sales and business development approaches.
  • Customized advice that accounts for individual sales personalities and styles.


Elite Business Development IQ/EQ

High-caliber business development takes a unique combination of learned and inherent skills. Experts in relationship management, we bring sales intelligence and maturity to every partnership opportunity.

Honest Communications Trusted Integrity

“Energy and Integrity” is the MPS brand. Our mission is to foster an open environment founded in honest yet respectful interactions. How we successfully manage your projects defines our reputation.

Measurable Performance and Outcomes

Seeing the impact of our combined efforts is critical to our clients. We design and tailor real-time methods to track, measure, and quantify your investment at work.