[minti_headline size=”fontsize-xxxxxl” weight=”fontweight-700″ transform=”transform-uppercase” margin=”0 0 0 0″]Investigate[/minti_headline][minti_headline font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-l” weight=”fontweight-700″ transform=”transform-uppercase”]Identifying business opportunities to accelerate success[/minti_headline]
[minti_iconbox icon=”fa-plug” style=”3″ title=”Business and Market Connectivity” url=”https://matchpointstrategiesllc.com/investigate/#learnmore”]Bringing together industry opportunities, exploring business synergies, and discovering alignments.

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[minti_iconbox icon=”fa-users” style=”3″ title=”Customer Research and Data Mining” url=”https://matchpointstrategiesllc.com/investigate/#learnmore”]Conducting and capturing valuable conversations to identify acceleration pathways.

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[minti_iconbox icon=”fa-angle-double-up” style=”3″ title=”Generate Insightful Market Research” url=”https://matchpointstrategiesllc.com/investigate/#learnmore”]Providing the business tools and defining the competitive landscape to segment growth rates.

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[minti_headline size=”fontsize-l” color=”#000000″ transform=”transform-uppercase”]Building Sound Development Pathways to Conquer New Sales Frontiers[/minti_headline]

The competitive edge . . . many businesses strive to identify and execute sales and marketing strategies to deliver on this goal. At MPS, our passion is collaborating with businesses to identify, quantify, and accelerate market opportunities. With a focus on emerging and innovative technologies, MPS will listen to your vision and mobilize our expertise with tenacious sales, marketing, and business development support. You will find no shortage of energy and integrity with MPS. We are known for the drive and determination brought to new opportunities.

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Generate Insightful Market Research


MPS offers key strategic growth assistance by:

  •  Gathering and disseminating relevant industry and market trends and data.
  •   Applying the data to your individual growth situation.
  •   Providing thoughtful recommendations and business plan roadmaps.
  •   Validating findings to ensure acceleration targets compliment your resources


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Customer Input and Data Mining


After establishing your company’s preferred growth trajectory, we:

  •  Use a systematic interview process with clear problem definition.
  •  Lean on Six Sigma principles, without the drama.
  •  Create a program that combines vision with strategies and tactics.
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Business & Market Connectivity


Your company may be interested in opportunities to collaborate with other companies offering different value propositions. MPS can develop idea and channel platforms through:

  • Exploring the power of external collaboration possibilities.
  • Creating new market connections in the different or adjacent market spaces.
[minti_headline size=”fontsize-xxl” color=”#000000″ transform=”transform-uppercase” margin=”0 0 10px 0″]Match Point Strategies Value to You[/minti_headline]
[minti_iconbox icon=”fa-briefcase” style=”3″ title=”Elite Business Development IQ/EQ”]High-caliber business development takes a unique combination of learned and inherent skills. Experts in relationship management, we bring sales intelligence and maturity to every partnership opportunity.[/minti_iconbox]
[minti_iconbox icon=”fa-bullhorn” style=”3″ title=”Honest Communications Trusted Integrity”]“Energy and Integrity” is the MPS brand. Our mission is to foster an open environment founded in honest yet respectful interactions. How we successfully manage your projects defines our reputation.[/minti_iconbox]
[minti_iconbox icon=”fa-flag-checkered” style=”3″ title=”Measurable Performance and Outcomes”]Seeing the impact of our combined efforts is critical to our clients. We design and tailor real-time methods to track, measure, and quantify your investment at work.[/minti_iconbox]