When asked what prompted him to create his “prototype to products” company, George Roberts, President and Founder of Techscale Solutions, speaks of the many excellent alternative energy solutions being incubated in a growing marketplace. “The challenge is how to take these amazing technologies and develop robust plans and a path that can really make them move forward,” Roberts notes. Created in 2014, Techscale Solutions is an engineering consulting company founded on the premise that granular product requirements are often glossed over, and that solid vetting is needed to ensure what is developed fits customer and market needs. This, Roberts has found, is foundational to long-term market success.

With a corporate pedigree that includes senior engineering roles at Hy9 Corporation, UTC Power (division of United Technologies Corporation), and W.L. Gore and Associates, Roberts takes the many process learnings that both large corporations and small start-ups employ, crafting unique, customer-focused solutions. Located in the alternative energy-rich northeast United States, Techscale Solutions’ wheelhouse includes product and process expertise in fuel cells, hydrogen generation, energy storage and CO2 conversion. “One of the greatest values to my clients, beyond experience, is the ability to ask the right questions. Sometimes, as with one project I was involved in, we need to advise our client that the opportunity needs to stop as there was no viable, economic path. We test clients’ prototypes in real field environments to see if they can succeed in a real world market.”

Often assuming a managerial role, Roberts thoroughly enjoys the mentoring opportunity it affords him. “People development can be equally rewarding as developing marketable prototypes. Each is about helping with successful transitions.”

Techscale Solutions will be an active player at the upcoming Hannover Messe exhibition, both as an exhibitor and speaker. For those excited about the alternative energy space, stop by and speak with Roberts! You will find him an engaging speaker, proud of his craft and company initiatives.

What do Techscale Solutions and Match Point Strategies have in common? Both companies provide “gap filling” knowledge, experience, and energy aimed at providing resources to support our clients’ growth initiatives, whether they be process-oriented or geared towards market development. Our combined expertise, network, and abilities provide a technology bridge into the twenty-first century.

Published On: February 17th, 2019 / Categories: Advanced Materials, Alternative Energy, Sales Excellence /