I recently was conducting research for an upcoming blog post and, distraction being what it is, began re-reading past posts. Feeling self-congratulatory, I thought my content was informative, well-written, and timely. But I also wondered about the status of some of the companies, technologies, and issues I’ve highlighted.
In June 2017, we kicked off our “Roadmap to Growth” series by interviewing Dr. Jeff Cernohous of Interfacial Consultants, whose company’s tag line is “Helping Innovators Incubate.” In the years since, Dr. Cernohous has expanded his vision into complementary and adjacent ventures. The result? Interfacial Consultants is now an integral part of Nagase America LLC.
Our 2018 piece, “At the Heart of Medical Plastics,” featured additive manufacturing, now ubiquitously known as 3D printing, and this technology’s explosion in healthcare. Five years later, 3D printers are responsible for the development of medical devices, including orthopedics and other devices making the transition from metal to plastic. Allied Market Research predicts 3D printing, with a healthcare market size valued at $1.03 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $5.8 billion by 2030, signaling that this technology is poised for continued growth in the years to come.Some topics that we’ve covered on the blog are persistent. Case in point, our article in 2020 discussing “The Fate of Persistent Chemicals.” The topic of focus, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), as annoyingly known as “forever chemicals.” With inputs and opinions for all sides of the argument, the referred to “fate” is still unknown. An excellent paper making the distinction between classes of PFAS, specifically calling attention to fluoropolymers (plastics and elastomers):
“Although fluoropolymers fit the PFAS structural definition, they have very different physical, chemical, environmental, and toxicological properties when compared with other PFAS”.

We’d like to think every blog we’ve created have been grand slams, not the case. Like all of industry, there is an ebb and flow which brings both successes and failures. Our insight is no different. With that said, Match Point Strategies is looking forward to continuing on our path, providing content worthy of your attention. Send us a note! We’re always interested in your opinions and insights.

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