We are a full-service consulting firm that identifies pathways for our clients to conquer new sales frontiers.

New Business Development

At Match Point Strategies, we identify pathways for our clients to conquer new sales frontiers. With a focus on innovative technologies, we will support your company’s vision from inception through execution. 

We work with our clients to develop the fundamental roadmaps that will accelerate your company’s growth. Our business roadmaps are results-driven and measurable, providing you with effective plans for maximizing profitability.

We provide key account support to get your company the new market or relationship you need to meet growth targets. Our deep understanding of the industry allows us to share market news and thoughtful recommendations tailored for our clients’ unique needs.

We have our finger on the pulse of the latest technologies in your sector and can provide thoughtful recommendations on how they can impact your bottom line.

Sales and Team Coaching

After establishing your company’s preferred growth trajectory, we leverage industry relationships and provide expert sales coaching at all levels of business. We’re able to pivot to meet unforeseen market changes while creating a program that combines vision with concrete strategy.

We provide proven techniques and coaching to help you develop the high performance sales team for your company’s needs. Our insight into successful business development approaches is thoughtfully customized for your team’s individual sales style. 

We have developed a deep network of contacts in a number of industries, including chemicals, advanced materials, and alternative energy, and more.

Marketing and Communications

We understand the importance of communicating your company’s story, whether it’s product announcements, success stories, or other highlights. Match Point Strategies works with our clients to develop communications strategies that grow business through audience engagement.

We expertly translate complex scientific and technical requirements into actionable plans and customer-friendly content. From trade articles to social media content, Match Point Strategies helps amplify our clients’ successes.

We help commercialize our clients’ products and ensure that the story told about a product aligns with your company’s vision and broader business objectives. Our team can work alongside your in-house communications team to ensure consistent messaging across all platforms.

We understand the importance of nurturing relationships with customers and work to effectively tailor your customer communication strategy. 

Innovation Should be Sustainable

An infinite program is one that creates an ever-evolving environment of continuous forward momentum. Your commitment to sustainable development goals should be reflected in it.

With a focus on innovative technologies, including clean and green energy solutions, Match Point Strategies works with our clients to realize impactful and sustainable visions.