Without a doubt, the battery applications in today’s automobiles, consumer electronics, medical devices, and stationary storage will continue to transform how we innovate. Match Point Strategies was recently at The Battery Show, a must-attend event for engineers and innovators looking to keep pace with automotive, consumer, medical, and stationary application growth. With over 9000 conference participants and 700 exhibitors, The Battery Show provided a number of opportunities to learn, network, and collaborate with companies from around the world. Conference topics spanned a range of technologies from battery material and component developments to battery design, charging, and infrastructure advancements.

While walking the floor at The Battery Show, there were visible focus areas such as materials to improve thermal interface management,capacitors and ultracapacitors, manufacturing equipment, and prototyping services. The majority of exhibitors were tier 2 and tier 3 suppliers to the dominant automotive lithium ion battery solutions providers (Tesla, Samsung SDI, CATL, Panasonic, and BYD) although there was evidence of other battery material companies promoting their solutions.

The importance of The Battery Show is timely, considering the mounting pressure to address the impact of internal combustion engines to climate change. Volkswagen’s recent announcement of their plans to build 22 million electric vehicles in the next 10 years validates the industry’s design and development pivot to create even more environmentally-sustainable vehicles. Lightweight solutions, greater energy and power density, and safety innovations are leading the way in an industry undergoing disruption and transformation.

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Published On: September 24th, 2019 / Categories: Advanced Materials, Alternative Energy, Chemicals, Sales Excellence, Sustainability /